Winter, 2007-08

Observations of Major Winter Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

St. Louis Area Snowstorm, January 31-February 1 - Heavy snow falls across the St. Louis metropolitan area. The heavy snow was slow to arrive, but when it did, it turned out to be the biggest storm in years. Includes report on the storm, photos, and links to other sources of information

Convective Snowshowers near the CO-NM State Line, February 17, 2008 - Driving to New Mexico after the National Storm Chaser Convention, I encounter two bands of heavy convective snowshowers, which dumped 2-3 inches of snow in a very short time. I got a few pictures in a sunny spot just south of Raton, NM between the two snow bands.

A Snowy Night in Santa Fe - I got some nighttime pictures as a light snow fell in downtown Santa Fe, NM on February 22, 2008.

Big snow in northern New Mexico - An intense snowstorm over Northern New Mexico produces up to 31 inches of snow in just 18 hours.

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