Winter, 2018-19

Observations of Major Winter Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

Winter Thunderstorms with Lots of Graupel and a Close Lightning Strike, Pagosa Springs, CO area, April 3 - Numerous winter-type thunderstorms around the Pagosa Springs area produce lots of graulel/snow pellets, along with small amounts of ordinary snow, rain, and hail. I catch a lightning strike less than a quarter mile away, as the snow pellets come down at the west edge of the Pagosa Springs area. Includes photos and links to two video clips.

Hail, Graupel, Snow, and Thunder in Northern NM, March 22 - A wild variety of weather occurred across northern New Mexico and nearby areas on March 22, and I experienced quite a bit of it while skiing at Ski Santa Fe, NM. Including a photogenic approaching snow squall, and thundersnow from a storm that also produced severe hail not far away. Includes photos, radar images, and discussion of the wild weather and why it happened.

Intense snow squall, Pagosa Springs, CO, March 8, 2019 - An intense snow squall, accompanied by 40-50 mph winds, drops an inch of snow in half an hour and nearly 2 inches in an hour and a half - and I caught it on video!

Three Big Storms in Rapid Succession, Mid February 2019 - A series of big storms during the second and third weeks of February produce massive snow totals across the California mountains and the Southwestern states, a rare tornado associated with a snow squall in New Mexico, and everything from blizzards to floods to severe weather farther east. This Web page includes photos from California, Colorado, and New Mexico and a link to a video of the snow tornado.

Atmospheric River Event Across the U.S., first week of February, 2019 - An atmospheric river event produces widespread heavy snow and rain across much of the United States. This web page includes maps, photos from Southwest Colorado, and analysis of this event, along with a link to a broader discussion of the atmospheric river phenomenon.

January 18, 2019 Thundersnow in the NM Sangre de Cristo Mountains - I have a surprise encounter with thundersnow while skiing at Sipapu Ski Area, and later get a pic of the convective squalls as they shift southward over the mountains northeast of Santa Fe. No video, but includes photos and discussion.

October 22, 2018 Thundersnow - Wolf Creek Pass - On my first try of the season for thundersnow, I have success in Wolf Creek Pass as a small thundersnow cell moves over the pass at the beginning of a multi-day snow event. Also get some nice pictures back in town afterwards of snow streaks below a cloud base turning to rain and generating a rainbow. Includes photos and two video clips of the thundersnow

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