Winter, 2009-10

Observations of Major Winter Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

5 Days of Snow in New Mexico, January 19-23, 2010 - As four storms move into New Mexico after pounding California and Arizona, snow piles up to 2-3 foot depths in the mountains, and thundersnow occurs in New Mexico on two consecutive days. Includes photos and discussions of each day's stormy weather.

Snow Ghosts in the Mountains and Rimed Trees in the Highlands - The phenomenon of rime icing leads to spectacular "winter wonderlands" in the Santa Fe National Forest and in the northeast New Mexico highlands near Springer. Includes photos and discussions of "snow ghosts" on February 10 and rimed trees on February 12.

A Lot of Weather for One Day - I'm not sure where to put this, as it includes thounderstorms and hail as well as snow, graupel, and other winter weather. But since it is still March and most of the storms I observed produced some snow somewhere, I'll put it here. In short, one of the widest varieties of weather I have ever observed in a 12-hour period. Includes photos and descriptions of the weather on this "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes" day.

Rimed Trees and Snow Ghosts, Again - The phenomena of rime icing and snow ghosts occurs again at Ski Santa Fe in the Santa Fe National Forest. This time, the aspens in the lower part of the ski area get spectacular rime accumulations, while snow ghosts appear again in the upper reaches of the ski area. Includes pictures and discussion of the weather behind them.

March 14 NM Thundersnow Chase - Trying out a new video camera, I head out to intercept some strong snow squalls, in hope of capturing lightning associated with snow - and succeed. I videotape CG lightning, then snow and graupel (snow pellets) near Canon and La Cinega, NM. Then, as the band of convective snow works northeastward, it dumps 7" of snow on Santa Fe. Includes pictures, detailed discussion, and a link to my Youtube video.

March 19 Santa Fe Thundersnow - For the second time in six days, I observe a thundersnow event. This time, it was right in Santa Fe, and in terms of the amount, closeness, and frequency of the lightning, it was as intense a thundersnow event as I have ever seen. Includes report/discussion and HD Youtube video documenting the storm from beginning to end.

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