2022 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

July 19 Lightning near Pagosa Springs, CO - A storm develops near Pagosa Springs in the evening on outflow from earlier storms in the mountains, and puts on a pretty good lightning show.

Mid July Monsoon Storms, Northern NM and Southwest CO - Not enough here for a separate page for each day, but some nice one-a-day photo ops were offered up by mid-July Monsoon storms.

July 14 Night-time Lightning, Santa Fe, NM - A monsoon storm that developed over the western part of Santa Fe, NM puts on a spectacular display of branched lightning as it drifts westward toward the Los Alamos area.

July 5 Storm and Lightning, Archuleta County, CO - I get some nice lightning shots, as well as some storm structure pics, as a cluster of strong storms tracks fron northwest NM into Archuleta County, CO south and eventually east of Pagosa Springs

June 23 Sunlit Mammatus and Rainbow, Pagosa Springs, CO - An evening thundershower associated with the early-onset Southwest Monsoon produces a spectacular show over my house in Pagosa Springs, CO shortly before sunset.

June 19 La Plata and Archuleta County, CO Storm - As a push of dryer air creates forcing along the west edge of the season's first surge of the Southwest Monsoon, severe storms break out in the Four Corners area. I was able to photograph some nice storm structure on a storm that earlier produced golfball hail around Bayfield and Ignacio, CO.

June 7 Southeast Colorado Storm Chase - Two Tornadic Supercells - I intercept two supercells, both of which produced tornadoes, as they tracked southeast from the northeast part of the Colorado Springs area through the Lamar, CO area and on into KS. The first one got away from me before it became tornadic, but the second one did not. Both storms produced great storm structure, rotating wall coulds, big hail, and a lot of dust lofted by the RFD. And the second one also offered me a gustnado and then a partially rain-wrapped tornado. This detailed report includes more than 30 pictures of the storms and two video clips.

June 6 Colorado Storm Chase - I chase a photogenic supercell from north of Boone, CO to near Lamar, as it produces large hail and high winds. Detailed report and 15 photos.

June 3 New Mexico Storm Chase - From west of Santa Rosa, NM to south of Fort Sumner, NM, I intercept a photogenic supercell as it produces golfball hail, a shear funnel, and lightning from the anvil that started at least two brush fires. The storm structure and the color in this storm were awesome - the mothership was coming in for a landing! Detailed report and lots of photos.

May 29, 2022 San Juan Mountains, CO Thunderstorms with Winter Mixed Precipitatio - After weeks of no moisture in southwestern Colorado, a cold front brings thunderstorms to the mountains - and enough cold air for snow and graupel (snow pellets) to be the dominant p-type above around 9500 feet elevation. I get pictures of the storms over the mountains, with the unusual wavy, whispy appearance of the precipitation, and even some CG lightning.

May 1, 2022 - Texas Panhandle Storm Chase - I track an intense supercell storm, as it tracks across the northern Texas Panhandle from southwest of Dalhart through the Dumas area to Stinnett, producing intense, dusty inflow winds and up to golfball-sized hail. Includes photos videos, and a details of my first May, 2022 storn chase.

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