2012 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

October 12, Southwest Colorado - Fast-moving Thunderstorms Produce a Variety of Precipitation - Although a potential severe weather setup largely fizzles, some fast-moving storms do offer some good photo ops as they produce rain, snow, hail, and lightning in the Four Corners area. Includes photos and discussion of the weather setup and the storms.

September 29, near Pagosa Springs, CO - "Thunderslush," Rainbow, and Sunlit Mammatus - One storm offers up "thunderslush" (for the second time in less than a week), a spectacular double rainbow with lightning flashing between the primary and secondary bow, and mammatus colored by the setting sun. Includes photos, video, and discussion of the storm.

September 25, 2012, First Mountain Snow and Strong Thunderstorm, Southern Colorado - At mid-day, I get pictures of the first snow in the southern San Juans, then later in the afternoon a strong thunderstorm offers great photo ops as it produces 50 mph wind and a wide variety of precipitation. Includes photos and discussion of the storm and the conditions that even produced a brief tornado with another storm farther northeast in the same line of storms.

September 11 Southern Colorado Storms - As several weather systems converge over the Rockies, photogenic storms developed east and south of Pagosa Springs, CO. Includes photos and discussion of the storms and weather setup.

August 16 Santa Fe, NM Area Storms - Strong storms develop in the Santa Fe area, resulting in serious flash flooding, large hail, and strong wind just southwest and south of Santa Fe. Includes pictures, discussion, links to media reports, and local storm reports.

August 13, 2012 Pagosa Springs, CO Lightning - In a year in which nighttime lightning has been rather hard to come by, a storm around and just after sunset offers up a spectacular light show near Pagosa Springs, CO.

July 11 Wolf Creek Pass Storm - I head up Wolf Creek Pass to observe a strong storm. The storm goes SVR warned, and after it drops 1-inch hail on the other side of the pass, I observe torrential rain, copious amounts of small hail, menacing and spectacular storm structure, and lots of CG lightning. Includes photos and brief summary.

May 28, Dust Storm in Colorado's San Luis Valley - I get a couple quick pictures as I am about to drive in to an intense dust storm, which resulted from a combination of high wind, prolonged dry weather, and an abundance of plowed fields.

May 4, In-Cloud Lightning over Northeast Madison County, IL - I only have to go out in the backyard to get a couple nice lightning pics as a strong storm passing just to my northeast produces frequent lightning and pea to dime-sized hail.

April 28, Deadly and Destructive St. Louis Area Supercell - I stay just ahead of this storm as hits St. Louis and its Illinois suburbs causing a deadly tent collapse and widespread major hail damage, then track the storm southeast to Nashville, IL. Includes photos, video captures, discussion, and local storm reports.

April 25, Illinois Long-Track Supercell - Under strong northwesterly jet stream flow, a supercell tracks from southeast Iowa to southeast Illinois, before evolving into a bow-echo storm and continuing to Georgia and the Carolinas. I make a night-time intercept of the storm near Hamel, Il as it produces hail across Macoupin and Madison Counties, but this time I stay out of the hail Includes photos, discussion, local storm reports, and links to additional info.

April 15, Pagosa Springs, CO Snow, Graupel, and 1-inch Hail - Unusually intense winter convection produces a rare mixture of graupel (snow pellets), snow, and severe hail, along with some storm structure that would be spectacular any time of year - all with the temperature ranging only in the 30s and low 40s. Includes photos, discussion, and video.

April 11, Texas Panhandle Storm and Gustnado - I don't manage to reach the most intense supercell of the day, but the one I do intercept west of Channing, TX offers me up a good-sized gustnado and some nice storm structure. Includes photos, video, and links to media and NWS reports on the day's storms.

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