What's New?

After the May, 2010 reorganization of these pages, I gradually added new photos to all four of the major sections of my Web pages linked from the main page. I have begun working on new updates again in September, 2013, with numerous additions to the Stormy Skies Photo Galleries. I will continue to add pictures and updates to other sections of these Web pages this fall.

In addition, please take note of my schedule of gallery and restaurant shows for 2013, near the bottom of the main page, which is being constantly updated as new events get added.

I am pleased to announce that my new weather calendar for 2014 and my new weather observation highlights video, "Stormy Skies 2012-13: Wild Weather for All Seasons" will both be available soon. Check back in October for ordering information.

A number of new pictures have been added in September, 2013 to the Stormy Skies Photo Galleries. New pictures appear in nearly every section of the galleries.

The fauna gallery has been divided into birds and animals, and a number of new photos have been added to both the birds section and the animals section. To simplify navigation, the bird section has been further subdivided geographically.

The International Scenes section of my Web pages has been reorganized for easier navigation, and a number of new pictures have been added. A gallery featuring photos from Peru and Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands, has been added. This gallery is in addition to the Images of China gallery that was previously added to the International Scenes section. I am now working on adding a gallery of photos from our trip to Egypt.

Check back often; this page will be updated whenever new photos are added!

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This page last updated September 5, 2013.