Fauna Galleries

Birds, Wild Animals, and Pets

Birds and animals are among my favorite photography subjects. These galleries include images of them, both new (as recent as May 10, 2010) and from some of my other galleries. Check back, more new ones will be added in the future.

Due to the increasing number of images of birds and animals, I have subdivided them into two galleries:

Bird Galleries

In these galleries, one devoted to the United States and the other to the rest of the world, you can view photos of a variety of wild birds, including many types of water birds.

Pets and Wild Animals Gallery

In this gallery, you can view photos of pets and wild animals.


All of these photos are available for purchase, at the folliwng prices: 5x7 photo, matted with 8x10 mat: $20
8x10 photo, matted with 11x14 mat: $30

5x7 photo, framed and matted in black 8x10 gallery-style frame: $60
8x10 photo, framed and matted in black 11x14 gallery-style frame: $100

To order any photo, please email John Farley.

This page last updated May 10, 2010