Winter, 2023-24

Observations of Major Winter Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

September 18, 2023 Thundersnow, Wolf Creek Pass, CO - On an impromptu local chase, I get my second-earliest-ever thundersnow at the summit of Wolf Creek Pass. Includes video and a detailed account of my observations of this early-season thundersnow storm.

October 2, 2023 Thundersnow, Lobo Overlook, CO - For the second time in about two weeks, I catch thundersnow in the area of Wolf Creek Pass, this time a bit higher up at the Lobo Overlook just north of the pass. This was an intense thundersnow event, with a couple flashes of lightning within 1/4 mile of my location, and around a dozen rumbles of thunder all told. Includes video, photos, and a detailed account.

March 8, 2024 Convective Snowstorm, Northern New Mexico Mountains - Intnnse, nearly stationary convective snowstorms develop over all the mountain ranges of northern New Mexico. In some areas, more than a foot of snow fell in a relatively short time. This report includes pictures of these storms and smaller but photogenic snow showers from the previous day associated with the same weather system, and a write-up on the nature of the storms and my observations of them.

March 25 2024 Thundersnow and Sunset Snow Showers - During the period of March 24-26, a storm produced heavy snow over portions of the CO and NM mountains and eastern plains. There were also several instances of thundersnow in various locations, including Pagosa Springs, CO where I got some video of it the afternoon of March 25 - and later a nice view of a snow shower illuminated by the setting sun. More convective snow showers occurred around Pagosa Springs and Wolf Creek the next day, albeit without thunder. This report includes a more detailed write-up. thundersnow video, and a couple pictures.

A Wild and Fast-Paced Couple Days around Pagosa Springs, CO

Since these involve partly winter weather events and partly weather/sky events that were not, I am posting these in both my Winter Weather and Severe Weather Observation pages.

May 10, 2924 Mountain Snow, Foothills "Thunderslush" and an Aurora Borealis Display - On an exciting day, all of it close to home, I witness snow in the San Juan Mountains, "thunderslush" (winter precipitation mixed with rain, with thunder), and a display of the Aurora Borealis (northern lights), a rarity for a location as far south as Pagosa Springs. Report includes a detailed write-up, pictures of the mountain snow and the aurora, and video of the "thunderslush." CO.

May 11, 2024 Pagosa Springs Hailstorm and Wolf Creek Thundersnow - Thunderstorms produce hail around mid-morning in Pagosa Springs, with accumulations of up to 3" in some areas, then thundersnow at Wolf Creek Ski Area and nearby locations. And later, another spectacular storm goes up on the west slopes of the mountains. Report includes a detailed write-up, videos of both the hailstorm and the thundersnow, and photos.

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