Winter, 2012-13

Observations of Major Winter Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

Colorado Winter Thunderstorm with Graupel (Snow Pellets) and CG Lightning, November 9, 2012 - Northwest of Pagosa Springs, I intercept a thunderstorm that produced a heavy burst of graupel (snow pellets) and frequent, close CG lightning - and manage to get a bolt on video. Includes photos, video, and discussion of the storm and the weather setup.

St. Louis Area High Wind and Light Snow Event, December 20, 2012 - As a masssive blizzard passes north of the St. Louis area, high wind causes widespread damage and possible fatalities in the St. Louis area. Includes discussion of storm and photo of wind-driven snow in Edwardsville, IL

Cactus and Snow - Including a "Snowbow," Saguaro National Park, Arizona, December 31, 2012 - The combination of saguaro cactus and fresh snow in mountains, along with snowshowers reaching to even the lower elevations, makes for an interesting day. Includes photos and discussion.

Winter Storm in the Four Corners Region, Plains, Upper Midwest, and TX Panhandle, February 9-13, 2013 - A winter storm produces heavy snow, blizzard conditions, and thundersnow in various areas as a storm system moves from the Four Corners to Minnesota, but leaves behind a trough that eventually generates a second storm eastward from the Four Corners to the TX Panhandle. Includes discussion, photos from southwest Colorado, and links to information on the storm from numerous National Weather Service offices throught the affected areas.

Thundersnow and a Winter Wonderland in Pagosa Springs, CO, March 8-9, 2013 - I get video as a thundersnow storm moves over the Pagosa Springs, CO area - and then pictures the next day as the heavy, wet, convective snow clung to trees and virtually any other surface above the ground. Includes video, photos, and discussion of the storm.

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