2019 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

May 17 Kansas and Nebraska Chase with 3 Tornadoes - In this chase, my first of 2019, I managed to catch three tornadoes near Culbertson, McCook, and Cozad, NE. My views of the Culbertson and Cozad tornadoes were limited by rain and/or distance, but I got a nice, good-contrast view of a spectacular EF-2 tornado near McCook. And a fine lightning show to end the day, too. Report includes lots of pictures of the storm and the tornadoes it produced, and video of the night-time lightning show

May 18 Kansas Chase - No tornadoes, but photogenic storms - A chase in southern Kansas gives me some aspiratas clouds, some non-tornadic supercells, and a very impressive shelf cloud with a storm near Dodge City with outflow that lofted dust high in the air.

May 26 Clayton, New Mexico Chase and Photogenic Tornado - A chase to far northeast New Mexico yields a beautifully backlit tornado southwest of Clayton, of which I get pretty much the enitre lifecycle. Includes photos and video of this supercell along with the tornado and an earlier funnel cloud

Southwest Monsoon LIghtning, July and August - The Southwest Monsoon in 2019 has been a bit underwhelming, but there still have been a few days that have offered up some good lightning photo ops around the Pagosa Springs, CO area. Here are a few pictues.

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