Winter, 2008-09

Observations of Major Winter Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

Through the first week of February, I have not seen much interesting winter weather this year. When the storms were hitting New Mexico, I was in Illinois, and when the storms were hitting Illinois (except for a couple minor freezing rain events), I was in New Mexico. But I do have a couple "snow ghost" pictures, linked below, and I remain hopeful of seeing more interesting weather during the second half of the winter. And, I can now add a day after writing the previous sentence, the second half is off to a good start, as can be seen from the February 8 and 10 links below!

Tesuque Peak, NM Snow Ghosts, Janaury 30 - A description of the phenomenon of "snow ghosts," along with a couple pictures from January 30, can be seen here.

Thundersnow event, Ski Santa Fe, NM, February 8 - An intense band of convection produces a heavy burst of snow with thunder, and some storm structure reminiscent of spring or summer storms. Report, pictures, and video here.

22-inch snowstorm, Ski Santa Fe, NM. February 10 - Description and photos from one of the heaviest snowstorms of the 2008-09 season in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and some more "snow ghost" pictures. Report and photos here.

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