2020 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

July 31 Storms and Hail near Pagosa Springs, CO - I catch a photogenic LP-ish storm just southwest of Pagosa Springs, then get video of up to dime size hail as I move under the storm. Also a couple other pretty storms on a day that turned out to be a little more active than expected. Includes photos and hail video.

July 18 Photogenic Monsoon Storm and Hailstorm NW of Pagosa Springs, CO - As the Southwest Monsoon finally begins to kick in in earnest, I photograph a very pretty storm northwest of Pagosa Springs, CO, then eventually intercept the storm and get video of a heavy burst of small hail.

July 13 Dust Storm, Top of La Bajada Hill near Santa Fe, NM - As outflow from a line of strong to severe thunderstorms surges northeast, I get pictures and video of a pretty intense dust storm near the top of La Bajada Hill to the southwest of Santa Fe, NM.

June 26 El Paso County, Colorado Storm Chase - I intercept a spectacular supercell that produced up to tennis ball sized hail and got two tornado warnings as it drifted to the SSE north and east of Colorado Springs. One of my best chases ever on a storm that did not produce a tornado. Report includes photos, video captures, and extensive discussion of my observations of the storm and of the day's severe weather setup.

June 6 Southwest Colorado Storm Chase - I intercept a supercell near Pagosa Springs that formed in a break in a line of severe thunderstorms that was in the process of becoming the first-ever derecho to affect a large part of Colorado. Report includes photos and video captures, a radar image, a map of storm reports, and extensive discussion of this very unusual storm system.

Late May and Early June "Minimonsoon in Northen New Mexico and Southern Colorado - A month before the Southwest Monsoon would normally begin, a very monsoon-like pattern pattern brings Pacific, Gulf of California, and Gulf of New Mexico moisture to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado - along with some photo ops!

May 11 Strong Storms in Southwest Colorado - I intercept two stromg thumderstorms northeast of Pagosa Springs, CO, both of which produced heavy bursts of hail. Also some rather spectacular cloud motion with the first storm. Report includes photos and videos of the storms, as well as meterological discussion of the setup

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