2019 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

May 17 Kansas and Nebraska Chase with 3 Tornadoes - In this chase, my first of 2019, I managed to catch three tornadoes near Culbertson, McCook, and Cozad, NE. My views of the Culbertson and Cozad tornadoes were limited by rain and/or distance, but I got a nice, good-contrast view of a spectacular EF-2 tornado near McCook. And a fine lightning show to end the day, too. Report includes lots of pictures of the storm and the tornadoes it produced, and video of the night-time lightning show

May 18 Kansas Chase - No tornadoes, but photogenic storms - A chase in southern Kansas gives me some aspiratas clouds, some non-tornadic supercells, and a very impressive shelf cloud with a storm near Dodge City with outflow that lofted dust high in the air.

May 26 Clayton, New Mexico Chase and Photogenic Tornado - A chase to far northeast New Mexico yields a beautifully backlit tornado southwest of Clayton, of which I get pretty much the enitre lifecycle. Includes photos and video of this supercell along with the tornado and an earlier funnel cloud

Southwest Monsoon LIghtning, July and August - The Southwest Monsoon in 2019 has been a bit underwhelming, but there still have been a few days that have offered up some good lightning photo ops around the Pagosa Springs, CO area. Here are a few pictues.

August 20-23 New Mexico Storms - A brief return of monsoon moisture after another hot, dry spell brings storms to northern New Mexico, along some good photo ops. Includes photos and discussion for each day, as well as video of a hailstorm in Santa Fe on the 23rd.

November 29 Thundersnow and Hail near Santa Fe, NM - A short trip up into the lower levels of the mountains above Santa Fe yields an intense thundersnow storm, with even a little hail at the beginning. Includes video of the storm along with a detailed account of my observations.

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