2016 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

August 8, Intense Storm in Rio Arriba County, NM - I watch and photograph a strong storm, showing some supercell characteristics, in northern New Mexico northwest of Abiquiu Lake. It produces an interesting cloud feature rising from the ground as rain and hail force cold air up the side of a canyon.

August 1, Lightning in Storm South of Pagosa Springs, CO - I get a few nice lightning photos as a strong storm forms south of Pagosa Springs, causing localized flooding and mud and rock slides.

July 21, Evening Lightning Looking Across Piņon Lake, CO - I photograph a spectacular evening lightning display from storms SE, south, and SW of Pagosa Springs, CO, looking across Piņon Lake near the west edge of town.

June 5, Rainbow and Spectacular Sunlit Mammatus over Santa Fe, NM - I photograph a pretty rainbow and a spectacular display of sunlit mammatus after a storm moves over the city shortly before sunset.

Four Days of Severe Weather Observation in the Texas Panhandle and in Kansas:

May 24 Storm Chase near Minneola and Dodge City, KS - Tornadofest! - One of my most amazing chase days ever, as I observe a cyclic tornadic supercell as it produces an EF-3 tornado, then an EF-2 tornado 3/4 of a mile wide with a track over 17 miles long, then another EF-3 tornado, with the tornadoes starting near Minneola, KS and ending north of Dodge City - fortunately with the tornadoes narrowly missing the city. Includes a detailed description of my observations, lots of photos, video of each of these three strong tornadoes, and a public information statement from the Dodge City NWS on the tornadoes.

May 23 Storm Chase near Memphis and Turkey, TX - I first see a pretty LP supercell storn northwest of Memphis, TX, then an intense supercell near Turkey, TX. Although I quit chasing at dark and thus did not see the large night-time tornado this storm produced, I still got to observe a spectacular storm. Includes pictures and a detailed description of my observations.

May 22 Texas Panhandle Storm Chase - I catch the tail end of a tornado near Howardwick, TX, missing a chance to see the tornado from beginning to end due to a poor road choice. Did get a few pics, though. Then I try unsuccessfully to reach further tornadoes to the southeast, battling intense wind and rain but mostly avoiding the hail, and managing to get a few decent structure pics. Includes photos and a public information statement from the Amarillo NWS on the Howardwick tornadoes.

May 21 Texas Panhandle Storm Chase - On what was mostly a transit day, I catch a beautiful LP supercell southwest of Amarillo. This storm looked more pretty than scary, but it produce some monster hail and also some very copious hail in spots.

May 16 Storm Chase in Northeast New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle - I observe three supercells in northeastern NM and the northwestern TX Panhandle, as they produce copious large hail and a tornado south of Texline, TX. The third storm was a spectacular LP supercell, even more impressive than the one I had observed the previous day. Includes a number of photos, video of the tornado, and a listing of the numerous storm reports in the TX and OK Panhandles.

May 15 Storm Chase in Northern New Mexico - I observe a gorgeous LP supercell north of Clines Corner, NM, and a severe-warned storm near Las Vegas, NM that produced some reather impressive cloud motion near the mountains and rotation just north of Las Vegas. Includes photos and video.

May 10 Pagosa Springs Area Storms - I photograph some pretty storm structure and a spectacular double rainbow, as well as dime-sized hail, as strong storms move through and north of the Pagosa Springs, CO area.

April 26 Storm Chase in Southern Kansas - I track a supercell from near Wakita, OK northeastward until it moves into the Wichita area, observing multiple funnels and rotating wall clouds, including one feature that was reported as a tornado (I'm not sure). The storm also produced up to tennis-ball sized hail. Includes photos, a video segment of a funnel and a couple of the wall clouds, storm reports, a route map, and a link to the NWS ICT Web page on this event.

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