2014 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

May 11, Kansas Supercells, Funnel Cloud, and Tornado - My first storm chase of the year, in the general area extending from the Dodge City to Larned, KS areas, turns out to be a good one, with a half dozen supercells, a funnel cloud, a tornado, gustnadoes, high wind, and hail - pretty much everything you might see on a storm chase. Includes lots of pictures and video of the funnel cloud and of the tornado.

May 21, Colorado Tornadic HP Supercell - A high-precipitation (HP) supercell, rare for Colorado, develops over the Denver metro area and tracks east to near Last Chance, producing a series of short-lived tornadoes and copious amounts of hail. Includes lots of pictures and several video clips, including one of a possible tornado near Watkins.

June 5 Supercells near Trinidad, CO - I get some great storm structure pictures as spectacular supercells form over the mountains and move over and east of the Trinidad area.

June 6 Tornadoes east of Trinidad, CO - I capture large, photogenic tornadoes east of Trinidad, CO as a supercell produces multiple tornadoes in mainly open country. Includes lots of photos and a detailed account of my observation of the tornadoes. Also includes two tornado video clips.

June 7 Colorado Storms - Storms on the Front Range and high plains of Colorado have a hard time getting their act together in the worked-over atmosphere following the big storms the previous day, but I do see a surprise gustnado in the San Luis Valley.

Monsoon Storms in Early and mid-July - An active North American Monsoon pattern offers up many opportunities to photograph lightning, rainbows, and storm structure across northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

September 1 Spectacular Nighttime Supercell over Madison County, IL - During a family visit to the Edwardsville, IL area, I am treated to a visually-impressive supercell thunderstorm, with spectacular cloud-to-ground lightning and one of the most impressive "mothership" mesocyclones I have ever seen in Illinois. Includes pictures and radar image.

September 29, Supercell Tornado West of Chama, NM - On a local chase, I capture a high-end EF-1 tornado about 11 miles west of Chama, NM from about 1.3 miles north of the tornado. My first NM tornado, first September tornado, first tornado west of the Continental divide, and certainly my highest-elevation tornado! Includes video, photos, and info from the NWS damage survey. Some decent hail video, too.

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