Wall Cloud Gallery

October 18, 2007, Greenville to Brownstown, IL

This storm was tornado-warned across much of Illinois. It produced numerous reports of large hail and wind damage, but no tornadoes. I really thought it was going to around the time of the second photo, but it did not.

May 5, 2001, near Cordell, OK

This storm produced two tornadoes shortly after this picture was taken.

August 14, 2004, near Levy, NM

This HP supercell produced copious amounts of large hail, and had multiple severe thunderstorm warnings.

June 13, 2004, between Brighton and Medora, IL

Shortly after this picture was taken, a tornado occurred. However, it came not from the wall cloud, but rather under the flanking line a little to the south of the wall cloud.

April 11, 2007, east of Terre Haute, IN

This wall cloud spun like a top, as the storm went tornado warned. Video of the rotation in this wall cloud here

April 15, 1998, near Red Bud, IL

A tornado occurred shortly after this picture was taken.

May 30, 2008, near Jacksonville, IL

Later the same day, near Glasgow, IL

Both of these storms produced tornadoes, probably just before these pictures were taken. However, I was too far away to see the tornadoes when they occurred. The storm in the lower picture took on a real "mothership" appearance.

March 28, 2007, near Hord, IL

This wall cloud had a little rotation, although the convective cell it was associated with did not even have any thunder and lightning, at least that I could see. The storm did produce some localized flooding to the northeast of where this picture was taken.

April 22, near Hermann, MO

At this time, 4-inch hail was occuring with this storm. Shortly later, it began producing tornadoes, the second of which was a long-track EF-4 tornado that hit Bridgeton, MO and St. Louis Lambert Airport (where EF-2 damage occurred), among other places.

May 16, 2021, near Olney Springs, CO

June 16, 2023, near Springfield, CO

Not long after this picture was taken, Springfield was hit with up to 4=inch hail.

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