2023 Severe Weather Season

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena

June 17 Oklahoma Panhandle Obervations of Two Supercells and a Derecho - I got positioned between a supercell near Beaver, OK that produced a very large rotating wall cloud and another one that moved over Hooker and Turpin. On the latter, I was in a perfect position to get video of the storm's rotating base. Then I got more video as I was overrun by a derecho, including high wind, a gustnado, 1-inch hail, and some spectacular lightning. This report includes a detailed account of these storms along with both pictures and videos.

June16 Southeast Colorado Supercells - I intercept two supercells, both of which received multiple tornado warnings, and both of which displayed absolutely spectacular storm structure - some of the best I have seen. The second of the supercells produced up to 4-inch hail, which I managed to stay out of. Also had a brief encounter with a squall line which also received multiple tornado warnings. This report includes a detailed account of my observations of these storms and numerous pictures of their beautiful storm structure.

June 6 Hail and Lightning, Pagosa Springs, CO - Due to a combination of weather factors unusual for early June, a heavy storm with lots of hail and cloud-to-ground lightning occurred at home just after 6 p.m. This report includes a description of the storm and the conditions that led to it, as well as video of the hail and lightning.

May 27 Supercells Southeast of Santa Rosa, NM - After a lot of indecisive wandering around, I manage to get on two beautiful, sunlit supercells in nearly the same place, but an hour or two apart, southwest of Santa Rosa. The first was classic, producing hail and near-continuous thunder and getting a couple SVR warnings; the second was LP (low-precipitation) and likely produced some non-severe hail.

May 26 Fort Sumner to Clovis, NM Supercell - I follow a slow-moving supercell from northeast of Fort Sumner to north of Clovis, as it produces swaths of large hail and, at times, rotating wall clouds.

May 25 Supercells near Logan and Tucumcari, NM, with a Possible Brief Tornado and an Intense Hailstorm - I am on a supercell northwest of Logan nearly as fast as it forms, and watch it produce spectacular storm structure and a feature under a rotating wall cloud that might have been a brief tornado. Then, after skirting hail from another storm, I watch from my motel room as yet another supercell produces a barrage of up to golfball hail in Tucumcari. Glad I found a place to get my car under a roof!

May 24 Tucumcari, NM High-Precipitation Tornadic Supercell - I intercept a big, mean HP (high-precipitation) supercell as it produces 76 mph wind and 2-inch hail east of Tucumcari. The wind was enough to blow over semis on I-40, and the storm eventually produced 3 tornadoes, which I was on the wrong side of it to see. But there was still plenty of eye candy, as the storm continued southeast producing a swath of 75-90+ mph wind and large hail all the way from just east of Tucumcari to Clovis. In the process, it took out the main power line from Clovis to Tucumcari, leaving all of Tucumcari in the dark.

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