Stormy Skies

Mid-Decade Edition Chase Highlights Video

by John Farley

This storm observation video, 1 hour and 36 minutes in length, features wild weather from all seasons
in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Included are:

A dozen tornadoes, including footage from Dodge City and Minneola, KS (May 24, 2016); Trinidad, CO (June 6, 2014), and of a rare high-altitude tornado west of Chama, NM (September 29, 2014), as well as video and/or photos of tornadoes from other days and locations.

A half-dozen thundersnow events in Colorado and New Mexico.

Supercells, lightning, and hailstorms.

An opening video montage and a closing photo montage with more than 100 photos, highlighting 3 years of wild weather in five states.

Ordering Information:

If you are a storm chaser and have a highlights video you would like to trade for this one, please email me. I would love to trade for other chasers' highlights videos.

Otherwise, this video is available in Standard Definiton on DVD ($15 plus $3 shipping via USPS) and in High Definition on BluRay ($20 plus $3 shipping via USPS). It is also available in High Definition on a USB flash drive for $25 plus $3 shipping. To order, please email me or to order using Paypal, click the appropriate "buy now" link below:

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A more detailed description of the video, with information on each storm day included on the video, can be found here