November 30-December 1, 2006 Edwardsville Ice Storm

Sunday, Dec. 3, I arrived home from my trip out west (see "Wolf Creek Gallery" for photos showing the snowy side of the same storm in Colorado's San Juan Mountains) to my home in Edwardsville which had been without power since 10 p.m. Thursday night due to the massive ice storm that hit the St. Louis area. My wife, as well as our two cats, were very glad to see me. The temperature in the house had fallen to 45 - first time I have ever slept with gloves and a stocking cap on, among other things.

As Monday, December 4, 4 days after the storm, there were still around 300,000 customers without power, actually up a bit from the previous night, but a lot of crews were out by Monday and hopefully making some progress.

Anyway, both the beauty and the devastation of this ice storm are amazing. I was able to get a few pictures today showing some of both:


More destruction


Beauty and Destruction

Here are some additional photos. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger view:

From my front porch.

From my driveway.

From my driveway, by full moon.

To the rescue!

Ice and sky.

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