Funnel Cloud Gallery

Over Dalhart, TX, May 16, 2016

Near Garfield, KS, May 11, 2014

SW of Chromo, CO, September 5, 2015

SW of Clayton, NM, May 26, 2019

This funnel cloud roped out after a few minutes, but later a tornado occurred from the same storm.

Near Cortez, CO, May 19, 2015

Near Kinsley, KS, May 18, 2013

Near Purcell, OK, May 30, 2013

Near Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM, May 23, 2009

Anticyclonic Funnel (and Possible Tornado) near Calumet, OK, May 29, 2004

Video here

Near New Douglas, IL, May 3, 2010

Multiple Funnels Under Rotating Wall Cloud, NW of Warrenton, MO, April 23, 2010

Video here

Update, August, 2010: When Storm Data came out, the National Weather service confirmed that this was indeed a tornado. More information in the tornado photo page.

Over Stockton Lake, MO, May 12, 2011

Near Greasy Corner, AR, May 25, 2011

This may well have been a tornado; one did occur nearby minutes earlier, and there was a lot of blowing dust, but I couldn't tell for sure whether there was a ground circulation with this. Video here.

Woodward, OK, May 6, 2007

Multiple Funnels/Probable Funnels near Carlinville, IL, April 7, 1998

Near Marine, IL, June 27, 2006

Sunlit Wall Cloud and Funnel with Low-topped Supercell, near Hamel, IL, June 24, 2000

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