Severe-Warned Storms and Lightning in Southwest Kansas, May 28, 2013

by John Farley

On a day with some severe potential, I was hoping to catch some nice late afternoon/evening storms in western Kansas after a long drive from southwest Colorado. But the drive took even longer than Bing Maps had indicated it would, and by the time I got on the storms first south and then later west of Sublette, KS, what had earlier started out as a couple supercells had long since turned multicellular. I caught the western end of a large cluster of storms southeast of Sublette around 6:20 around the time a series of SVR warnings on these storms expired, then a new surge of convection that later developed along the flanking line of the earlier storms and drifted north just to the northwest and west of Sublette and went SVR warned. The best both storms had to offer was a nice lightning show, including both CG (cloud-to-ground) and CC (cloud-to-cloud) lighting. Here are a few pictures:

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