John Farley's Birds of the United States Gallery

White pelicans, Mississippi River, April, 2009

Egrets, Dunlap Lake, Edwardsville, IL, July, 2007

Bluejay during snowstorm, Edwardsville, IL, January, 2008

Canyon Towhee, Santa Fe, NM

Closeup of hummingbird at feeder, Angel Fire, NM, August, 2007

Herring Gull, Mississippi River, April, 2009

Ring-billed Gull in Flight, Dunlap Lake, Edwardsville, IL

I dubbed this raven the Guardian of The Canyon, Grand Canyon, AZ

Spotted sandpiper, Mississippi River, April, 2009

Great egret, Ellis Island, MO, April, 2009

Common tern, Mississippi River, April, 2009

Rough-winged swallow, Ellis Island, MO, April, 2009

Sandhill cranes, Alamosa County, CO

Redwing blackbird, Ellis Island, MO, April, 2009


All of these photos are available for purchase, at the folliwng prices: 5x7 photo, matted with 8x10 mat: $20
8x10 photo, matted with 11x14 mat: $30

5x7 photo, framed and matted in black 8x10 gallery-style frame: $60
8x10 photo, framed and matted in black 11x14 gallery-style frame: $100
16x20 photo, framed and matted in 22x28 gallery style frame, choice of colors: $300 (This size is available for many but not all of the photos above, due to resolution)

To order any photo, please email John Farley.

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